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Event Details & Tickets

Pour Oregon is going virtual!

At Pour Oregon 2021, you'll meet some of Oregon's most exciting and innovative winemakers. They're producing high-quality, affordable wines that hail from each of Oregon's 21 wine regions. You'll meet these extraordinary boutique winemakers on Zoom, hear their stories, and taste their unique wines.

We have 15 session packs to choose from. In addition to the live, interactive Zoom session with winemakers, each session pack includes:

All session packs include free shipping and all items will be shipped (no local pick up available) EXCEPT for the Wine Cocktails, Paley's Place Dinner, and República LatinX sessions where food and wine will be picked up at the restaurant. All times listed are Pacific time zone.

Registration is Closed
We do have a few session packs available for Portland area pick up on Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29.
Email [email protected] or call 503-897-8013 to check availability.

Want to buy sessions as a gift for a loved one? Visit this page and click "gift this item" on your selection(s).

Biodynamic Wines & Cheese Pairing

Thursday, April 29, 4 p.m.

Wine & Cheese Pairing

Featuring Brick House, Maysara, Rogue Creamery

Wine and cheese, the ultimate pairing! We'll be pairing cheeses from Rogue Creamery wines produced in the biodynamic method -- Maysara's rich and ripe Pinot Blanc and the luscious Gamay Noir from Brick House. We'll be joined by winemakers Tahmene Momtazi and Doug Tunnell, as well as Rogue Creamery cheese emissary Marguerite Merritt.

Brick House Vineyards 2019 Gamay Noir
Maysara Winery 2020 Autees Pinot Blanc
Rogue Creamery - Oregon Blue Cheese & Jefferson Cheddar

$120, includes free shipping (wine & cheese sent separately). Max 40 participants.


Pinot, Pinot, Pinot

Thursday, April 29, 5 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring Crowley Wines, Irvine & Roberts, Bluebird Hill

So much Pinot, so little time! Join us for a Pinot Noir-only session with the folks at Crowley Wines in the Willamette Valley, Bluebird Hill Cellars in the South Willamette Valley and Irvine & Roberts from Southern Oregon. Three unique and delicious expressions of this classic Oregon grape.

Crowley Wines 2019 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Irvine & Roberts Vineyards 2017 Estate Pinot Noir
Bluebird Hill Cellars 2018 Pinot Noir

$120, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Paley's Place Dinner & Wine Pairing

Thursday, April 29, 6 p.m.

Dinner & Wine Pairing

Featuring Atticus Wines, Matzinger Davies, Paley's Place

Chef Vitaly Paley of Paley's Place has teamed up with winemakers Anna Matzinger of Matzinger-Davies and Ximena Orrego of Atticus to bring you a four-course meal for two -- featuring fresh, seasonal local food from Paley's kitchen. Chef Vitaly Paley and winemakers Anna Matzinger and Ximena Orrego will join us for our Zoom dinner!

Seasonal, fresh, menu includes:

French Garlic Soup: green garlic croute, escargot and mushroom relish

Tart Croque Garçon: spring onion tart, ham, brie, honey, Weppler farm greens, sorrel vinaigrette

Stuffed saddle of rabbit and hunters-style braised rabbit chasseur, buttered noodles

Pavlova meringue, roasted rhubarb, and mint

Limited food substitutions will be available for allergies.

Matzinger-Davies 2017 Unabridged Sauvignon Blanc
Atticus Wine 2017 Yamhill Carlton Pinot Noir
Paley's Place

$170, includes pick up of wines and dinner at Paley's Place in Northwest Portland on April 29. Max 20 participants.


Big, Bold Reds

Friday, April 30, 4 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring J. Scott Cellars, Seven Bridges, Dominio IV

Love big reds? This is the one for you! Winemakers Jonathan Oberlander (J. Scott), Patrick Reuter (Dominio IV), and Bob Switzer (Seven Bridges) will be on hand to talk about Petit Sirah, Tempranillo, Merlot, and all the big reds that fill our hearts with joy.

J. Scott Cellars 2017 Petit Sirah
Dominio IV 2015 Sketches of Spain Tempranillo
Seven Bridges 2017 Paradox

$120, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Wine Cocktails

Friday, April 30, 5 p.m.

Wine Mixology Class

Featuring Varnum Vintners, Silver Julep

Cocktails from wine? Yes, that's right! In this session, we'll talk about combining sparkling wine with fresh fruit mixes to make a fabulous wine cocktails.

Silver Julep mixologist Kate Bolton has made two mixes -- a Meyer lemon + lavender Bee's Knees and a strawberry cooler that pair beautifully with Cyler Varnum's celebrated Porch wines (each in half-bottle sizes). We'll have lots of fun mixing and matching, so don't miss out!

Varnum Vintners 2019 Porch Secco
Varnum Vintners 2019 Porch Pink
Varnum Vintners 2020 Porch Party
Varnum Vintners 2019 Müller Thurgau
Silver Julep Bee's Knees (mixer)
Silver Julep Strawberry Cooler (mixer)

$75, includes pick up of wines and mixers at Silver Julep's Airstream bar in Southeast Portland on April 30. Max 40 participants.


Latinx Food & Wine Pairing

Friday, April 30, 6 p.m.

Food & Wine Pairing

Featuring Gonzales Wine Company, Valcan Cellars, República PDX

Mexican food and wine aren't a traditional pairing, but we're here to prove to you that it's worth it! Enjoy a bottle of Valcan's white Malbec (winemaker, JP Valot) and the Petit Verdot from winemaker Cristina Gonzales alongside a Latin-inspired cheese board from one of Portland's hottest new restaurants -- República.

Each board comes with house membrillo made from Oregon quince, Albina Nuts corn nuts, house masa chips, peanut-based house salsa macha, house-candied smoky pepitas, Little T baguette, and a selection of delicious cheeses from the U.S. and beyond. So good!

Gonzales Wine Company 2019 Revolutionary Petit Verdot
Valcan Cellars 2020 White Malbec
República PDX Cheese Plate

$95, includes pickup of food and wine at República in the Pearl District on April 30 between 4 and 5pm. Max 30 participants.


Sparkling Wine Anytime

Saturday, May 1, 11 a.m.

Wine Tasting, Book & Author Conversation

Featuring Analemma, Statera, author Katherine Cole

It's always time for bubbles! Join award-winning wine writer and influencer Katherine Cole to talk about the Oregon sparkling wine revolution with a pair of up-and-coming winemakers. Along with the two bottles of sparkles, you'll receive a copy of Katherine's new book "Sparkling Wine Anytime", hot off the presses!

Analemma Wines 2015 Atavus Blanc de Noirs
Statera Cellars 2020 Chardonnay Pétillant Naturel
"Sparkling Wine Anytime" by Katherine Cole

$130, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Unusual wines from Auxerrois to Zweigelt

Saturday, May 1, 1 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring James Rahn, Craft Wine Co, Carlton Cellars

Pinot Noir is great, but Oregon is about so much more! This is your chance to explore unique varieties that may never have discovered before. From Auxerrois to Zweigelt (and Pinot Meunier along the way), we'll talk to three Oregon winemakers about their love of quirky wines.

Craft Wine Co 2018 Minimus Zweigelt
James Rahn 2018 Pinot Meunier
Carlton Cellars 2017 Auxerrois

$120, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Women Winemakers

Saturday, May 1, 3 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring Helioterra, Willful Wines, Et Fille

Even as they're blazing trails, these women are producing wines that reflect the best of Oregon. We'll chat with Helioterra's Anne Hubatch, Et Fille's Jessica Mozeico, and Willful's Pam Walden about the wines they love and their experience breaking glass ceilings in the Oregon wine industry.

Et Fille 2017 Heredity Pinot Noir
Willful Wines 2018 Seven Hills Cabernet Merlot
Helioterra Wines 2018 Concrete Melon de Bourgogne

$120, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


BBQ & Wine Pairing

Saturday, May 1, 5 p.m.

Wine, Cookbook & Cooking Class

Featuring Troon Vineyard, Natalie's Estate, Vindulge

We are bringing together some special wines that will pair perfectly with the grilled foods you love. We'll be joined by winemakers from Troon and Natalie's Estate.

The barbecue pros at Vindulge will demonstrate two recipes -- grilled artichokes and cherry bourbon beef skewers -- from their new cookbook Fire + Wine. Pick up the ingredients for these two recipes and cook along with us at home (or just enjoy the show and cook later!).

Troon Vineyard 2020 Estate Vermentino
Natalie's Estate 2016 Rock Horse Ranch Stable 39
"Fire + Wine", by Mary Cressler & Sean Martin
Jacobsen Salt

$130, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Beyond Pinot: Unusual Willamette Valley Wines

Saturday, May 1, 6 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring Ricochet, Dion, Day Wines

Pinot Noir may be the world-famous Willamette Valley wine, but here in Oregon, we know there's so much more here. We'll talk to winemakers Brianne Day of Day Wines, Beth Klingner of Dion Vineyard, and Erich Berg of Ricochet about why they are working with these unusual varietals here in the heart of Oregon wine country.

Day Wines 2019 100 Years a Lady Pinot Meunier
Dion Vineyard 2017 Tempranillo
Ricochet Wine 2020 Grüner Veltliner

$120, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Rosé All Day

Sunday, May 2, 11 a.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring Hazelfern, Quady North, Apolloni

Now that spring has sprung it's time for rosé! Enjoy the Hazelfern 2020 Summer Rosé, the Apolloni 2020 Rosé of Nebbiolo and the Quady North 2020 Rosé of Grenache and chat with the winemakers about their passion for rosé.

Hazelfern 2020 Summer Rosé
Apolloni 2020 Rosé of Nebbiolo
Quady North 2020 Rosé of Grenache

$95, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Smoke & Wine

Sunday, May 2, 1 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring Weisingers, Goldback, Jackalope

In this session, we're going to dig into the science of smoke and wine. Get the real scoop on how smoke affects grapes and what winemakers do to manage the effects. We'll hear from three winemakers who've taken on the smoke and won -- Weisinger's Eric Weisinger, Jackalope's Corey Schuster, and Goldback's Andy Myer.

Jackalope Wine Cellars 2020 Rose
Weisingers 2019 Roussanne
Goldback Wines 2018 Syrah

$120, includes free shipping. Max 40 participants.


Southern Oregon Spotlight

Sunday, May 2, 3 p.m.

Wine Tasting

Featuring Kriselle, Anchor Valley, Red Lily

Oregon's second largest winegrowing region continues to impress. We'll hear from Kriselle's Nora Lancaster, Red Lily's Rachael Martin, and Anchor Valley's Ashley Cates about what makes Southern Oregon the ideal wine-growing region.

Kriselle Cellars 2019 Sauvignon Blanc
Anchor Valley 2017 Primitivo
Red Lily Vineyards 2015 Life of Riley Tempranillo

$120, includes free shipping.


Seafood & Wine Pairing

Sunday, May 2, 5 p.m.

Wine, Seafood & Cooking Class

Featuring Vincent Wine Co, Grochau, Pacific Seafood, Chef Matt Hobbs

Seafood and wine were made for each other -- especially here in Oregon. Chef Matt Hobbs will lead us through an interactive cooking experience (watch and learn for later, or cook with Matt in real time!).

The menu includes sustainably-harvested tuna and steelhead shipped frozen directly to you from Oregon's own Pacific Seafood (other ingredients not included):

Albacore Tuna Crudo with Hazelnut Tarator, Lime Relish and Toasted Sunflower Seed Oil

Columbia River Steelhead with Tumeric Potatoes and Rasam Broth

Full recipes will be sent ahead of time. Chef Matt will be joined by winemakers John Grochau and Vincent Fritzsche to share their notes about pairing seafood and wine!

Vincent Wine Co 2019 Pinot Blanc
Etheric Workshop 2020 Pinot Gris
Wild Albacore Tuna (1 lb.) and Columbia River Steelhead (four 6 oz. steaks), Pacific Seafood

$150, includes free shipping (wine & seafood sent separately). Max 40 participants.


Join Us

For 2021, Pour Oregon is going virtual! You'll meet some of Oregon's most exciting and innovative winemakers. They're producing high-quality, affordable wines that hail from each of Oregon's 21 wine regions. You'll meet these extraordinary boutique winemakers on Zoom hear their stories, and taste their unique wines.

PLACEWith 21 wine regions, Oregon is bursting with great wine.Explore Oregon
PEOPLEInnovative. Rebellious. Talented. Oregon is home to some incredible winemakers.Our Winemakers

"Oregon is right now the single most exciting winemaking area in the United States. Nowhere else does the level of quality seem so high, the perspectives so diverse or the experimentation so fierce as it is in Oregon right now."~ Eric Asimov, New York Times

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